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I’ve written on the web since 2005 and written for the web from 2008 onwards. And, I specialise in writing about digital marketing.

I have also…

  • Done SEO web-design and aftermarket domain name SEO analysis at Manaho (now known as Themis).
  • Served as a content marketer and Editor at Way Of Ninja (a niche cross-training and martial arts website)
  • Interned as a financial auditor at EY
  • Majored in both Marketing and Finance at Curtin University

I can help you convert visitors into potential customers with my writing and experience.

Please take a look at my writing portfolio.

What you're looking for...

1. If you’re a business or marketer…

Businesses and marketers that need a writer

You’re using blog content to educate visitors and nurture them into leads for your business.

You need content that’s engaging and fulfils your business objectives.

I’m the writer for you.

2. If you’re a blogger or thought leader…

You’re growing your presence with new content formats like video, podcasts, and more.

You have too much to do and too little time to write.

I can write in your voice (as a “ghost”).

What's your next move?

Need proof?

Take a look at my past work and samples.

Or are you ready...

To talk about your project with me?

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