HEY, I'M...

Logen Lanka at the White Temple, Chiang Rai

I've written on the web since 2005 and written for the web from 2008 onwards.

I have...

  • Worked at an SEO-related company
  • Interned as an auditor at one of the Big Four (Ernst & Young)
  • Done content marketing (including strategy, writing, and editing) for a niche website about cross-training (Way Of Ninja)

I have the experience to help you reach your visitors and business objectives with my content.



You are here for at least one of three reasons...

Businesses and marketers that need a writer

1. As a Business & Marketer...

You're using blog content to educate your visitors and grow your business.

You need content that engages your visitors and fulfils your business objectives.

I'm the writer for you.

2. As a Blogger & Thought Leader...

You’re growing your presence with new content formats (e.g. video, podcasts, etc.).

But now you have too much to do and too little time to write.

I can capture your blog’s voice and write for you.

3. Dad/Mom gave you my name card...

... and forced convinced you to work with an awesome writer - me. 😉

Thanks, dad and mom!



Content Strategist, Editor & Writer at Way Of Ninja

I have years of experience writing and editing content so that they create the best impact on the web. In 2016, I tripled search engine traffic with a series of long-form content.

I have also had my work syndicated on JetLi.com (see my portfolio) and ghost-written for a few martial artists.

I can help you do the same.

SEO Web Designer & Domain Name Coordinator at Manaho Private Ltd

I've analysed old websites and domain names for key SEO ranking factors while at Manaho. This gives me an insider's look at the ethical and unethical side of SEO strategies.

In plain-speak, I know what NOT to do to get your content penalized.

Freelance Web Designer & Web Content at ThisMinisite.com

While at university, I hustled in niche website creation for domain name investors and marketers. I designed websites, added pages of niche content, and did basic SEO for people who wanted to enter specific niches.

I'm able to strategise and pitch you a series of content for your specific industry. Part of the reason why is because...

Audit Intern at EY (Ernst & Young) Singapore

I have an intuitive knowledge of how SMEs work. After all, I assisted in checking financial accounts while at various clients' offices and business premises (for six months). I have also interviewed and connected with some clients as part of the audit process. 


Need proof?

Or are you ready to...