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Logen and I have worked together on several writing projects for his Way of Ninja project. He is an excellent writer who utilizes research, experience, interview, and facts to support his interesting and diverse articles.

Andrea Harkins - The Martial Arts Woman

I recently read a collection of his works, Muay Thai in Bangkok, How to Do More Pull Ups Easily, 5 Things that will Affect Muay Thai experience, and Science Behind Ninja Hand Signs. Each was well written, thorough, and interesting.

Logen’s transition into more freelance work and business publications is a natural step in the progression of his success. If you need a publication or business writer, I suggest you take a look at Logen’s work.

Personally, I wish Logen tremendous success in his continuation and growth as a writer, and I’m always intrigued by his work. It’s an honor to know him and work with him, and to share our writing styles and influences with each other.

Best of luck, Logen!

Source: LinkedIn Recommendation

Andrea Harkins - The Martial Arts Woman
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